Get That No-Label Look with In-Mold Labeling.

We know in-mold labels. Take your product label to the next level—with digital in-mold technology.

Did you know…?

In-mold labeling can even improve the strength of your product packaging by up to 120%!

Why In-Mold Labeling?

These labels don’t come off, ever! Your label becomes one with your product, creating a seamless and high-quality product design experience. It’s incredibly resilient and scuff-proof, so your packaging always look as amazing as the day it was created.

In-mold digital labels are the most durable, crisp, lightweight, and “green” labels on the market today.

With in-mold labeling, you’ll experience a lower overall cost compared to other decorating processes. Your crisp, digitally designed label is loaded right into the mold when your product package is created, so you can avoid the typical hassles of label application.

When we say we know in-mold labeling, we’re not kidding! We invented the world’s first in-mold digital label printing and we continue to innovate every day. Our fingers are on the pulse of print technology—for you.

We partner with the country’s leading molders to bring you the finished product you require. And if we can’t help you create your perfect label and product packaging design, we’ll reach into our partner arsenal to recommend the perfect partner. We’re on your team.

Advantages to Vibrant Graphics In-Mold Labeling:

  • We offer a selection of resins, each with its own application properties. Custom order in-mold resins also available.
  • No additional protective resin required, so your product is thinner, reducing bulk weight and cost.
  • Reduced scrap rate to as low as 3%.
  • Reduced container weight, no added bulk from the label.
  • Lower overall cost compared to other decorating processes.
  • Durable, stain resistant product. Because the label is molded directly into the cup, it’s impermeable and difficult to damage, unlike traditional labels.
  • Label cannot be removed from the final product, so it’s harder to counterfeit.
  • Go Green! Because the in-mold label is now part of a recyclable container, making conservation easy.

In-Mold Label Materials:

  • Polypropylene (most popular)
  • Polyethylene
  • Polystyrene
  • Polyester
  • Metalized Film (for a chrome/silver look)
  • Acrylic

Don’t see your preferred resin on the list? Ask us and we’ll custom order the perfect resin for your application.

In-Mold Label Finish Types:

  • Glossy
  • Matte
  • Soft Touch
  • Anti-Microbial

In-Mold Label Thickness Options:

To meet quality, durability and performance standards, our in-mold labels are available in thicknesses anywhere from 50 microns to 10 mils.

Types of In-Mold Labeling:

  • Blow molding 
  • Injection
  • Thermoform
  • Rotational molding

Our lead times have decreased yet again; everybody’s been really pleasant to work with. The communication is good and the process is always done in a timely fashion. You guys have worked really hard and really adamantly to come up with a solution. I’ve been really impressed. You guys are so knowledgeable, we’re learning a lot in the process, too, so that’s helpful.

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