Q. When you say “small print runs,” how small are we talking?

A. Yes, as small as one. Run one label at a time to test performance, revitalize your branding, create a prototype, and impress buyers. No need to purchase high minimum quantities just to throw out the extras. Even reduce inventory holding expenses.

A. YES. If you carry small quantities of products in multiple varieties, digital label printing is the solution you’ve been looking for. Easily switch out text and images on-demand and on the fly to create only the labels you need, when you need them.

A. YES. Say goodbye to throwing away obsolete labels due to a design change. Say goodbye to storing physical labels on site due to minimum quantity purchase requirements. Say goodbye to wasting time doing inventory or searching for the right label. Digital label printing is always available on-demand. Only print what you need or change it up, mid-run. No problem!

A. YES. We’re problem solvers, here to help you meet your label needs, on the nose. So when you’re having production line problems or you’re running short on labels or you’re dealing with last minute sales orders with quickly approaching delivery dates, we can help! We offer last-minute label changes, variable imaging, and even block scheduling to ensure you have the labels you need, on demand!

A. HERE. We use a digital printing press, so your labels are sure to POP and your brand colors will always match. We’re talkin’ unsurpassable crisp color! Our press allows us to print photo quality, brilliantly colored labels. Plus, we understand what goes into creating a quality label that will perform as required. We test to ensure your label sticks and looks great…every time.

A. YES. Multiple design options? Multiple materials? Not sure what’s going to work? We offer press proofing on print runs as small as ONE. No simulated guesses—just your real life label on your product. See exactly what your label looks like, before you commit.

A. FALSE. When it comes to small print runs, especially those with variable imaging, you can’t beat our digital process. We develop relationships with our customers to ensure you always have the labels you need when you need them. Plus, your first label on the press costs as much as your last label off. With digital label printing, there are no tool and die setup fees and no plates to create. We test to ensure your labels look and perform before running labels that don’t work or you don’t need. You’re also looking at reduced inventory carrying fees, because we print what you need on demand. Zero, reduced or exact inventory—and we can help you manage it.

Digital printing advantages:

  • Placing smaller orders than most traditional printers will take on?
  • Want to place orders with variable data and imagery?
  • Last minute orders? Tight deadlines?
  • Wish you could see an exact sample proof of your order in advance, so you don’t have to worry how it’ll turn out?

If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, then digital printing is an excellent option for you. Digital printing has low minimum run requirements (starting at one), allows super personalization with variable image capabilities, gives you faster order processing by eliminating plates and slicing downtime, and allows for press proofing and sample proofing directly on your requested material, so you know in advance exactly how your final product will look. There’s no need to purchase at high volumes to get a good price. There are no plate charges, so you can revise your design as often as needed.  And digital printing offers perfect registration, for every single piece. Our HP Indigo press is a top-of-the-line variable image machine that combines incredible color resolution with intuitive workflow to give you speedy, yet accurate processing of your most important projects. In the end, you get benefits that just aren’t available when you go through a traditional flexo or litho printer.

Why Choose Vibrant Graphics?

  • Rapid Results: Because our press runs without plates, our setup process is faster and less expensive. Digital processing gives you more time to generate sales and turn a profit.
  • Ultimate Flexibility: Every single printed label image, from the first to the last, are the same high quality you expect, with no plates involved. We can even change images on the fly during a print run without shutting down, saving time and money along the way.
  • Personalization: Variable imaging technology means that each label can be individually personalized, adding more value to your products.
  • Smaller Order Sizes: Digital printing is set up be very competitive for short- to mid-size label runs because there’s no plate setup involved. You don’t have to worry about ordering in bulk to keep costs down. Order smaller runs of labels “just in time,” instead of “just in case.” You’ll even be able to keep smaller inventories on hand and avoid stockpiling material.
  • Precision Processing: Our smart workflow system ensures cost-effective, seamless ordering and delivering processes. Consistent on-time delivery coupled with our quality assurance promise of guaranteed accurate labels means you get peace of mind with every order.
  • Sneak Peek: We give you press proofing and sample proofing directly onto your requested material, so you know in advance exactly how the final product will look.  We can also quickly provide small sample prototypes to help you bring your next big label idea to life.
  • Green Team: We’re environmentally friendly, printing only what you need, when you need it. We even use eco-friendly inks and eliminate waste along the way.